Spiritual Principles

The first definition of “spirit” in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary is “the breath of life . . . a breath or vapor which animates the soul of man.” That’s what spirituality is all about for me—being alive with a spirit that animates all that I do. For me, spiritual growth has resulted in a tremendous feeling of freedom—freedom to be, to do, to feel, to express those feelings. I feel alive now. How different from my “former life” when I felt so closed off from life through fear and lack of self-esteem. Being alive means that I have choices and I make choices.

True, I have been making choices all along. Denying the alcoholism was a choice. Hiding from risk was a choice. Closing myself off from love was a choice. And attending Al-Anon was a choice—one which opened the door to the crucial choice of the Twelve Steps as my personal path to growth of the spirit.

As I have worked through the Steps and applied the principles of the program on a daily basis, this spirit has gently taken hold of my life, shaping my decisions and presenting me with opportunities for continuing growth. As panic and confusion subside, and as I learn to trust this spirit and trust myself to act in my best interests, I make better and better choices: choices that lead me to fuller enjoyment of all that life has to offer me; choices that allow the long-hidden, bubbly side of my personality to emerge.

As We Understood… (B-11), pg. 232