Al-Anon Electronic Meetings

Electronic meetings, like all Al‑Anon meetings, offer help and hope to anyone who is affected by alcoholism in a family member or friend. Electronic Al‑Anon meetings agree to abide by the spirit of the Twelve Traditions. Each Al‑Anon member is responsible for keeping the meeting focused on Al‑Anon recovery and discussion of Al‑Anon related topics. Al‑Anon will always be what we—its members—make it. Confidentiality and anonymity varies from platform to platform. It is the responsibility of the Al‑Anon member to understand how to maintain personal anonymity when participating in an online Al‑Anon meeting.

This is informational only, and not an endorsement of any mobile device, platform or any mobile apps offered in the app stores.

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Hope and Understanding for Parents and Grandparents
Monday 12:00 pm Eastern US Time
Online Meeting ID: Alanon

Peeling the Onion
Wednesday 3:00 pm Eastern US Time
Online Meeting ID: Alanon

Blueprint for Progress Workbook Study
Wednesday 10:00 pm Eastern US Time
Online Meeting ID: Alanon

Together We Can Make It
Thursday 9:15 pm Eastern US Time
Online Meeting ID: Alanon

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Sunday Al-Anon Online
Sunday, 7:00 pm Central Europe Time (GMT+2)

Netfundadeild Al-Anon
Thursday, 20:00 (GMT +1)

New Zealand Al-Anon Online Recovery
Thursday, 7:30 pm NZST
New Zealand

Sunday, 2:00 pm Moscow Time
Monday, 4:00 pm Moscow Time
Tuesday, 1:00 pm Moscow Time
Wednesday, 1:00 pm Moscow Time
Thursday, 8:00 pm Moscow Time
Saturday, 2:30 pm Moscow Time

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Online Mode Tirsdag
Tuesday, 1: 00 pm Denmark Time (GMT+1)

Corozones Bilingues: Hope In Two Languages
Thursday, 7:00 pm Costa Rica Time

Courage to Change
Thursday 9:00 pm Eastern US Time

Instant Messaging

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From Outcast to Friends AFG
Sunday 8 pm & Wednesday 9 pm Eastern US Time
This meeting welcomes those on the autism spectrum who are having a problem with someones drinking.

Finding Your Truth
Sunday through Saturday 6:30 am Eastern US Time

Beginning in AFG
Sunday through Saturday 8 pm Eastern US Time

AFG – HP’s Choice
Monday 10 am Eastern US Time – Text only
Wednesday 9:30 am Eastern US Time – Audio

1.30 pm EST Monday Meeting ^
Monday 1:30 pm Eastern US Time

Loving Yourself *
Monday 9 pm Eastern US Time

Monday Newcomers Meeting ^
Monday 10 pm Eastern US Time

Because You’re Worth It *^
Monday, Friday, and Saturday 10:45 am Eastern US Time

Having Had a Spiritual Awakening
Saturday 2 pm Eastern US Time

Bulletin Board/Chat Room/Secured Blog

Sila * ^
Wednesday 20:00 CET (GMT +2)

Raduga ^
Tuesday 9:00 pm ET (UTC +3.00)

Raduga ^
Saturday, 2:00 pm ET (UTC+3.00)

International Electronic Meeting List

Phone Meetings

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